A message from the ANBD Chairman

A Message from the ANBD Chairman

Dear members of ANBD,

This is my first message as your new Chairman.  It is my great honor and pleasure to have been elected by all  ANBD council members to become the Chairman Elect in 2009 and now become the Chairman, following the footsteps of Prof. Ki Yan Mak and Prof. Kyooseob Ha.  I received this position during our recent and very successful the 5th ANBD Conference on 22 August 2013 in Bangkok.  It was the first time to combine the Southeast Asia and South Asia Bipolar Forum (SEASA BiF) together with the East Asian Bipolar Forum (EABF) during the 5th ANBD Conference.

According to the ANBD constitution, there are at least 11 objectives of our society.  However, during my termship as the ANBD Chairman, I will focus on the 6 objectives as follows :

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